We've been listening to our customers. Some have lost jobs, some have moved jobs and some are taking time off, but nobody likes to lose credits.

So now you are able to "hit pause" on your subscription for 1,2 or even 3 months.

A pause on a subscription will start at the end of the current billing cycle and will block any use of your existing credits as well as stop the clock on their expiration date. 


When you are ready to come back, you'll continue from where you left off.
Same credits.
Same subscription.
Same contact lists.


Reviving a paused subscription is easy.

You can restart at any time, even before you're planned date.

If you forgot about it, we'll send you an email a week before the planned revival date.

Not only that, we'll also throw in a 30% discount on the first month of your return.




Three simple steps to pause your subscription:

  1. Go to 'Settings' from the Swordfish platform.

  2. Click the 'flower' icon under the Plan name and select "pause subscription" (see image below).

  3. Follow the steps.

Looking forward to seeing you back with us soon!