Swordfish is now available through Zapier!


This enables you to connect any of your systems that have a Zapier connection to use the Swordfish search capabilities without leaving your system. For example, if you have a CRM system to which you add new contacts (e.g. Name, Company, Location and or a Social profile), you should be able to add a 'Zap' that will use the contact's data to search Swordfish for emails and phones.



The search Action on Zapier is available and requires a few steps to configure through the Zapier UI. Below are some extra details to help you better understand what is the meaning behind some of the required fields.


API key

You'll need a Swordfish API key (available on some plans) to authorize your access to the Swordfish platform. The key can be easily generated on your Swordfish Dashboard's settings tab.


Just click "Create API Key" and copy that key to the required field on Zapier.


Search action

When Swordfish is set after a trigger, it will show you the action named "Multiple Field Search".  This action allows you to map any fields from your CRM contact that contain data to be used by Swordfish to search for contact details.


Other than mapping the specific data fields like Name, Company, Location, etc. there is also the 'must_have' field which should be configured to your needs as explained below.


Must Have
The 'must_have' parameter verifies that each request you are charged for, includes the data you set as 'must have'. Below is the detailed 'must have' combination legend:




Any email


Any phone


Mobile phone


Email OR Any phone


Email AND Any phone


Email OR Mobile phone


Email AND Mobile phone

*4 is the default if no other 'must_have' value is selected. 


Resources to Popular Integrations


Interested or need help to integrate your system with Swordfish through Zapier or any other way? Contact our Customer Success team and they'll help you out.