Swordfish is now available through Zapier!


The new Swordfish App on Zapier now includes a Zapier Trigger. This enables you to manually or automatically send any contacts you have on Swordfish to any system you have connected to Zapier.


If you've found and enriched contacts on Linkedin (or any social platform) using Swordfish, you can now send them from your Swordfish Dashboard lists, either the ALL list or any other list you selected, to any system that can connect to Zapier. These contacts can now be sent at a click of a button to Zapier and from Zapier to your CRM/ATS where they will be created from scratch or updated, based on your preferences.




The Export Contact Zapier Trigger uses what is known as a webhook connection. Without going into too much detail, you will be required to copy the webhook URL given by Zapier and paste it into your Zapier Integration field on the Settings tab of your Swordfish Dashboard. It’s easier than what you think.



Here are the things you need to make sure you have ready before you start creating the connection:

  1. Zapier - You have an active account on Zapier.

  2. External system - Make sure you can connect your CRM/ATS/Any other system to Zapier. Your system should allow Zapier to send it data (e.g. new contacts).

  3. Swordfish - Make sure your Zapier Integration is available on the Settings tab of your Swordfish Dashboard.

Step #1 - Zapier: Start a new Zap

  1. From your Zapier dashboard click “Make A Zap”.

  2. In the “1. Trigger” box, search for the “Swordfish.ai” app.

  3. Select “Export Contact” as the trigger event.

  4. Choose the Swordfish account.

  5. Press ‘Save and continue’.

  6. Press ‘Test’. If offered, you can skip the test and continue.

Step #2 - Zapier: Complete the Zap

  1. Add an ‘Action’, i.e. where do you want the Swordfish contact to go. This would be your CRM/ATS/Google Sheet/Any other system.

  2. Map the fields from the Swordfish contact to the fields on your system.

  3. Press ‘Test and Continue”.

  4. Turn on the zap. Make sure it is active. You're done!

Step #3 - Swordfish: Run it!

  1. Go to your ALL list on your Swordfish Dashboard.

  2. Next to any contact, there’s a Zapier button. Click it and we’ll send that contact to Zapier. 

  3. Any Contact that was sent to Zapier will change from grey to orange.

   4. Alternatively, you can select several contacts, mark the boxes (#1 below), and select “Export to Zapier” from the 'Actions' menu that will show (#2 below).


   5. If you want to send EVERY new contact that you find data for (i.e. any contact that is added to the ALL list), you can check “Send new leads automatically” from the ZAPIER INTEGRATION field on your Settings tab of your Swordfish Dashboard (see image below).


That's it. From here on you can send your Swordfish data to any system that you need even to a Google Sheet. Just build more Zaps.


Interested or need help to integrate your system with Swordfish through Zapier? Contact our Customer Success team and they'll help you out.