Learn the difference between Public Linkedin Profile URLs and Linkedin Sales Navigator Profile URLs 

If you are using Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can extract your Linkedin lists to a CSV file so Swordfish can enrich those profiles with Phone, Mobile and Email data.

Although this sounds very straightforward, there is one caveat.... Linkedin Sales Navigator URLs are not the same as public Linkedin profile URLs. The former are URLs that redirect you to the original profile and are not valid for the Swordfish platform to search by.


What can you do?

There are a number of different tools out there that can convert your Linkedin Sales Navigator URLs to public Linkedin profile URLs (e.g. Phantombuster or Linkedin Helper). Once you have converted those URLs to public Linkedin profile URLs, Swordfish will be able to use them to search for any contact data relating to those URLs.



How does Swordfish work with URLs and other data?

When uploading CSV files with public Linkedin profile URLs and additional data (e.g. Name, Company, Location, etc.) Swordfish will try to use the public Linkedin profile URL to search by. If no results are returned, Swordfish will try to use the additional data provided to try and find the contact data you are seeking.